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3016 Bedok North Avenue 4  #08-29 EASTech Singapore 489947 Tel:  65 67818973 Fax: 65 67862783 Email:

Established since 1979

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Welcome to Ace Electronic Systems Pte Ltd

Ace Electronic Systems -Acetrons, is a provider of Security, Environmental Monitoring and Home/Building Automation Systems. It  was  established in 1979  and is one of the oldest Security Systems Installer and Integrator in Singapore. Security Systems protect  property, asset and personnel from a certain threat cause by illegal intrusion or criminal intend.


Acetrons provides Security and Automation Systems for home, business and organization. These include Access Control, Video Surveillance (CCTV), Intrusion Alarm, Integrated Security, Environmental Monitoring,  Home/Building Automation, Autogate/Barrier/Turnstile and Intercom/Video Intercom Systems.


ACE  stand for Advanced, Caring and Excellence. These are the three core values in which it conducts our business.


Ace Vision is become The Preferred Electronic Security Solutions Provider and System Integrator.


This is to be achieve through its mission which is To provide ‘value added’ Electronic Security Products, Services and Solutions by using Advanced  products  and supported  by Caring and Excellence services.



Access Control

Video Surveillance


Intrusion Alarm

Integrated Security

Electronic Access Control System controls entrances to premises. It commonly replaces the traditional keys and locks to secure doors to prevent unauthorized entry. Authorized person uses credential such as PIN, Proximity Card or Finger etc as Electronic Key to gain access. Because the credential is in the form of Electronic ID,  it can be easily removed from the system to prevent unauthorized access if the staff loses the card or have left the organization.....



Commonly know as CCTV, it basically consists of  Surveillance Cameras, Digital Video Recorder -DVR and Video Monitor. It is used mainly for security application for home - maid/child/elder monitoring, retail outlets, building, hotel, condominium, construction site, factory, schools, etcs. It is increasingly commonly used in public spaces for crime prevention. Since the terrorist attack in year 2001 at WTC in the US, it has created another national market known .....



Also know as Burglar Alarm Systems, it is used to protect a premises or property from illegal intrusion or break-in. The basic function of an burglar system is to creates loud sound to scare off intruder and attract owner or neighbor attention. A basic system consists of input devices such as Magnetic Contact and Motion Detector, Control Panel, Siren with Strode Light and control Keypad. The control panel monitor the input devices and trigger the output devices when the....

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Integrated Security consist of Door Access, Intrusion Alarm and Video Surveillance combine as one system and  using one software.

Most organization today have either access control, intrusion alarm and video surveillance or a combination of these system. However they usually has separate operating system or working independently, or they are also from different vendors. To use the systems, the administrator has to learn how to operate and maintain different systems’ software...

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