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3016 Bedok North Avenue 4  #08-29 EASTech Singapore 489947 Tel:  65 67818973 Fax: 65 67862783 Email:

Established since 1979

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Established initially in 1979 as Ace Electronic Security Systems, it provides Burglar Alarm installation subcontracting work for major Security Security Systems firms. At the same times it also sell, install and service simple burglar alarm, remote control gate and barriers directly to homes, retail outlets and industrial premises. In 1993, it was incorporated as Ace Electronic Systems Pte Ltd with the aim of serving more corporate clients in particular  Access Control and CCTV systems. Now it have extensive experience in providing a wide range of security systems solution in particular advance Integrated Security,  Access Control, Video Surveillance CCTV & Building Automation Systems. At present it is one of the oldest locally established security systems companies.


ACE stands for Advanced, Caring and Excellence. These core values are the very foundation in which Ace conducts it business and dealing with its customers.

Advanced is to continuously stay abreast of  technologies development of products in our fields of business and also the systems & methods in which we used in delivering those products and services to you.

Caring means we are always there to support you when you need us.  It also involves caring for the environment by adopting environmental friendly policies such as reduce, reuse and recycle.

Excellence is to do our best in providing you products and services that meet or exceed your expectation.


ACE’s vision is To Be The Preferred Electronic Security Solution Provider.

This is to be achieved through its Mission of Providing Value Added Security Products,  Services and Solutions by embracing the three core values of Advanced, Caring and Excellence.


Being in this business for more than 30 years, Ace has gained extensive experience and is able to provide our customers big or small with the most cost effective system. In fact, one key aspect that differentiate us from most others is our emphasis on quality.  Our principle products are major brand name from US, Europe, Australia and Taiwan. They have provide many years of trouble free services to our clients - many of them  are working efficiently today after being in service for more than 20 years.


The type of systems and services we provides are:

Access Control - Roger of Poland.

Video Surveillance (CCTV) - GeoVision of Taiwan

Intrusion (Burglar) Alarm - GE of USA

Integrated Security - Concept of Inner Range Australia

Environmental Monitoring via SMS - Honeywell - Ademco.

Remote control Gate, Barrier & Turnstile.

Intercom & Video Intercom, Aiphone (Japan) & Commax (Korea)

Home and Building Automation - iHabitat (Singapore)


With the convergence of Electronic & Infocomm, Ace is excited and confident to provides you more comprehensive security solutions to meet your growing needs.


For value added security solutions that can provide you many years of reliable service, look for Ace to be your preferred security solution provider.


Please call or email us your requirement for us to contact you and find out more about your requirement and providing you quotation without any obligation.



Roger Access Control Systems

GE - NX Intrusion Alarm

Geovison Video Surveillance

IR Concept Integrated Security Security

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