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Electronic Access Control System controls entrances to premises. It commonly replaces the traditional keys and locks to secure doors to prevent unauthorized entry. Authorized person uses credential such as PIN, Proximity Card or Finger etc as Electronic Key to gain access. Because the credential is in the form of Electronic ID,  it can be easily removed from the system to prevent unauthorized access if the staff loses the card or have left the organization.


A basic system usually consist of a Credential/Identification  Reader, Controller, Electromagnetic Lock, Exit Button, Emergency Break-glass Switch and Power Supply Unit. The Reader validate the user’s credential and then unlock the door by releasing the Electromagnetic Lock for entry. Exit Button is used for Egress and Break-glass Switch for unlocking door from inside during an emergency.  Door Contact can be added to enhance security to prevent door from being opened for too long or not closed properly after opening.


The type of credential used depends on need of each organization. PIN is  the cheapest. Card is still the most reliable and popular. Fingerprint is gaining popularity due to its convenience because users don’t need carry card or remember PIN, but its has an inherent inability to read every fingers.


Systems may be categorized as into Standalone (Credential Reader and Controller combine in a unit), Reader/controller and PC Networked type. Standalone type usually provide office hours access requirement and door need to be lock-up manually after office hours. Reader/Controller system provide better security and therefore it is safe for round the clock protection. PC Networked system are for multiple doors systems which requires convenience programming of users. It also provide and event logging for management report such as Time & Attendance. Advanced Microprocessor Based Controller with Access Management Software for Multiple doors system maintain effective controls by assigning different levels of access to personnel determined by doors, days and times for each door.


Access control are now almost indispensable for many big organizations. They has many departments or sensitive area such as Clean Room, Server/Data Centre and R&D dept or Research Laboratories that need to be controlled separately. High end Integrated System  provides powerful and sophisticated complex access operation which include Intrusion Alarm and Video Surveillance (CCTV) functions.


Access control not only apply to control of doors but also include any entry points such as gate/car park barrier, turnstile/flap barrier, etc.


door access
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Standalone Access Control System

Networked Access Control System

access control for offices
door access


. Variable code length,

. Special code for programming,

. Can selective addition/deletion of

 user codes,

. Built-in BELL signaling button.

. Main code to operate security system, and

  disable access.

. Door opening sensor/open door alarm.

. Disable access after repeated wrong code entry,

. Anti-tamper switch.




• 120 cards and PINs

• identification modes: Card, PIN or [Card + PIN]

• user indexing

• Master, Normal and Toggle Users

• door contact and Exit Button inputs

• door lock plus Alarm or Toggle outputs

• optional PRT series reader for entry/exit control

• manual programming

Roger PRT-32 Card + PIN Access Control

Roger SL2000 PIN Access Control


• standalone or networked operation

• built-in proximity reader

• Card, PIN or Card+PIN identification

• 1 000 card users

• Entry/Exit control (requires second PRT

series reader)

• three programmable NO/NC input lines

• one relay output and two transistors


• support for door contact, exit button

and alarming device

• rearming output for integration with

Intruder Alarm System



Roger PR-301 Card + PIN


Roger PR-302

Roger PR-402

PR Master 4.2 is a software to supervise access control system based on PR Series controllers delivered by Roger Company.

The application is adapted to work in operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP & Windows Vista.

Main features of PR Master 4.2:

. Support for all PRxx1 and PRxx2 access controllers

. Up to 32 controllers in single network

. Up to 250 networks integrated in one system

. Support for F7 and F10 fingerprint readers

. Communication with networks through serial port (COM, USB) or computer network

. Real-time events monitoring on local and remote computers

. Interactive commands to controllers

. Operator selectable filtering of events

. Online events reports to text files

. Support for online printer

. Time and attendance recording

. Attendance reports in any user defined areas

. Visualisation of working system on graphical

  background (object map)

. Configurable auto-backup

. Different access levels for program operators

. Export/import of database to XML format files



access control

Access Control Systems

Roger F7 Fingerprint Reader


• fully standalone or networked operation

• 4 000 card users

• 250 access groups

• 99 time schedules, 128 periods per schedule

• holiday settings

• non violate 32.000 events register

• built-in proximity UNIQUE (EM4001/2) cards reader

• Card, PIN or [Card+PIN] identification

• support biometric reader (High Security option)

• optional Wiegand or PRT(Roger) remote reader

• three programmable NO/NC input lines

• one relay output and two transistors outputs

• support for door contact, exit button and alarm signalization

• soft or hard local anti-passback

• support XM-2 Remote I/O module

• support XM-8 Lift control module

• T&A registration

• toggle output for integration with Intruder Alarm System

• RS485 communication interface

• firmware upgrade through RS485


4 000 card users

• 250 access groups . 99 time schedules

• 4 inputs, NO/NC type

• 2 relay 1.5A/24V contacts outputs

• 2 transistor outputs 1A rating

• RS485 communication interface

• support for door contact, exit button and alarm signalization

• support for Wiegand and PRT readers

• support for XM-8 and XM-2 I/O modules

• soft or hard local anti-passback

• non volatile 32.000 events register

• support biometric reader (High Security option)

• T&A registration  • holiday settings

• Toggle/Ready lines for integration with Intruder Alarm System

• programming from PC

• firmware upgrade through RS485

• Windows 95/98/NT/2K/Me/XP software

• requires 18-22VAC 30VA supply

• auxiliary 12VDC/1A supply output

• support for reserve battery

• CE mark

access control
card access


Providing single-door proximity access control, EntryProx™ is ideal for small installations or remote locations when used in conjunction with an on-line system. This rugged, attractive unit can easily be modified to become an on-line reader by switching to a Wiegand output mode, allowing it to connect

to any OEM controller. EntryProx™ is compatible with all HID proximity cards and keytags.


The Roger F7 Biometric Fingerprint Reader can be used as a Standalone Fingerprint Access Control

System, in a Network, or as Credential Reader for used with Roger Access

Controller. It uses high quality parts and the design conforms to high

international security standard. The Roger F7 is suitable for the entrances

and exits of office, factory, hotel, school etc. All input /output are using antitamper protection and over-voltage/circuit protection.

Brief Description:

The PR402 is single door Access Controller. It requires reader to operate and is compatible to most readers.  It is used for high security application where the controller need to be located at protected area. It has 1 extra relay output, 1 input and 1 output respectively  more than that of PR302.  


• fully standalon or networked operation

• Card, PIN or Card+PIN identification



Brief Description:

The PR302 is a Access Controller with built-in Reader with Keypad. It can be used as standalone or in networked

Systems to control  access  for one door.

PR302 can operate with Wiegand or PRT 32 remote reader for added security or  to enables both-side (entrance-exit) door control.

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access control for offices
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Credential Readers for use with PR-X02 Controllers Controller

Roger PRT 32

HID 4045

HID iClass RK40

F7 Fingerprint & PIN

F10 Fingerprint & Card Reader

Roger RACS - PR Master 4  Access Control System Management Software SogSoftware

access control
access control fingerprint reader

Electric Locks & Devices

Electromagnetic Lock

Electric Bolt

Electric Lock

Electric Mortise Lock

Door Contact

Exit Button Switch

Breakglass Switch

By-pass Key-switch


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door access
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door access
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access control for offices

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