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Smart Home or Home Automation as it is generally know  is a term to designates an emerging practice of increased automation of household appliances and electrical

equipment/system particularly through electronic means. The term may be used in contrast to the more mainstream "building automation", which refers to industrial uses of similar technology, particularly the automatic or semi-automatic control of lighting, doors and windows, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and security and surveillance systems.

The techniques employed in home automation include those in building automation as well as the control of home entertainment systems, houseplant watering, pet feeding, changing the ambiance "scenes" for different events (such as dinners or parties), and the use of domestic robots.

Typical system  are carried out during outfit a house during construction where accessibility of the walls, outlets, and storage rooms, and the ability to make design changes specifically to accommodate certain technologies. However wireless systems are now available  which make use of existing electrical wiring with radio or infrared signals link with a central controller. Technology include remote control via internet or iphone application to control the system.


1 & 2 Gang E-Dimmer

. 600 VA Total

. Direct Connection to Line Voltage . . . No Neutral Wire

. Faceplate Control and Remote Control


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Dimming Ballast Control

Works with FL Dimmer Wall Unit Interface to standard 1~10V FL or Compact FL dimming Ballast


1 and 2 Gang E-switch

. 600 VA Total

. Direct Connection to Line Voltage

. No Neutral Wire

. Faceplate Control and Remote Control



Screen Control Switch

300 Watt AC Motor drive

Direct Connection AC 230V

Up, Down, Stop control



Hand Held Remote Control

. Low Cost

. Controls 4 e-Switches and 2 e-        Dimmers

. Range > 30 m on axis

. AAA batteries


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Wi-Fi Camera

Integrated Seamlessly with I-HABITAT Control

Allow video monitoring and Control at the same time


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Homes Automation System

System IR Blaster

RF 433.92 Mhz, Control 10 lighting circuits, 2 Air-conditioners, 6 Dimmers, 2 Motor Drive Circuits (for Curtain or Projector Screen), Multi-Hop capability to allow wide coverage, Switchable RF channel to avoid collision, Ability to learn A/C code.


Master Gateway

Control Master for whole house: RF 433.92 Mhz,

Support 10 IR Blasters for 10 areas,.

Phone Control,

Scene Control,

Alarm Control interface ,

Range: typical 35 m indoor (single Hop)

Max Hop Operation = 3 (105 m) Selectable RF channel

Option: Internet Control Webserver. 9~12 V DC Adaptor Supply


Touch Screen Control

For office and home use

RF 433.92 Mhz

Works with Gateway in home use Works directly with IR Blaster in Conference room use.

Direct activation of Scene setting

DC Adaptor Supply.


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iHabitat Wireless Smart Homes System


IHABITAT system is an advanced and fully integrated wireless Smart Home Control system. It makes use of JDO patented technologies, in combination with advanced radio frequency (RF) and Infra-Red (IR) technologies to offer a complete Smart Home control system, without the need of new wiring in the buildings or homes. IHABITAT system reduces cost drastically and does away the hassle of installation associated with conventional hard wired systems. JDOs patented technologies makes possible electronic lighting switch that is able to directly replace the ordinary mechanical wall switch without change of wiring. This full compatibility and retrofit ability enable a smart home/building system to be implemented in any home/ building almost instantly. The RF technology enables smart home control across the whole house/building and the IR transmission enables control of a myriad of household appliances and equipment that are commonly found in modern homes, e.g., Air-Conditioner, TV and Audio-Video Entertainment system.

IHABITAT system comprises a
Radio Frequency (RF) Gateway and up to 10 IR Blasters in one system. The IR Blaster converts RF to IR signal. The IR Blaster communication with the Master Gateway via RF frequency ISM Band. The IR Blaster may operate on a single hop operation or on multiple hop operation, giving rise to a very wide area of coverage, far exceeding that of typical residential units.



The e-switch and e-dimmer device is an electronic switch/dimmer device that is directly compatible with the standard mechanical wall switch/dimmer, i.e. it is compatible with standard line voltage wiring for lighting (without the need for Neutral wire or dedicated low-voltage wiring). The System may also comprise Power Socket Outlet module, Heater module and Motor Control e-switch for control of various home appliances, e.g. curtain, projector screen, water heater, garden sprinkler system etc. The System may further comprise Touch Screen Control Panel, hand-held Remote controller, Internet Control Web-server, Timer control (embedded software module), telephone control module, to provide full intelligent control via a variety of means. The iHABITAT system offers manual control, hand-held Remote Control, telephone (inclusive of mobile) control, Internet Control, Security Alarm panel control, timer control, PDA control, and in near future energy saving control.


iHABITAT system integrates seamlessly with existing security system and home telephone system, of either corded or cordless type. This enables users to enjoy substantial saving and convenience as users do not require special dedicated and expensive control keypads. By using standard cordless phone which are already existing in most homes, iHABITAT users has maximum flexibility and convenience in controlling their homes from their finger tips, without having to pay for extra hardwares. By a simple direct interface to Security Alarm system, iHABITAT system can be configured to turn on any lighting in the event of security intrusion.


All iHABITAT e-switch and e-dimmer device is installed at the same manner and location as mechanical switch. It is therefore fully compatible with mechanical switch, hence they are easily serviceable by ordinary skilled electricians, rather than specialists, hence low cost for service and maintenance, in long term. Users also enjoy the peace of mind that, they are not permanently tied down to a single supplier, as in the case of conventional hard-wire system.

iHABITAT System does not require any special or pre-wiring other than the standard line voltage wiring in buildings. Hence, iHABITAT system can be easily installed in any buildings whether new or existing, with existing wiring, without the need of expensive and labourious wiring change.

iHABITAT system is easy to service and support. Manufacturer or its approved System Integrators/Installers shall be able to provide programming, commissioning and end-user training. Due to its compatibility, ease of installation and maintenance, iHABITAT system offers very low support and maintenance cost for end-users. iHABITAT system is simple enough to be DIY-able by non technical laymen.




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