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Integrated Security

Integrated Security consist of Door Access, Intrusion Alarm and Video Surveillance combine as one system and  using one software.

Most organization today have either access control, intrusion alarm and video surveillance or a combination of these system. However they usually has separate operating system or working independently, or they are also from different vendors. To use the systems, the administrator has to learn how to operate and maintain different systems’ software separately. If the administrator assign a staff permission to access a protected area after office hour, he/she also have to program a user code for the alarm system for the respective person to have authority to turn it off. If a report of the events is required, he/she has to get report from both systems, or retrieve the video footages separately from the DVR software. This is troublesome and time consuming and therefore made the job of administrator difficult. With Integrated system, the above problems are eliminated. This also provides immediate benefit like elimination of possible false alarm and greatly increases efficiency.

Integrated Security System is usually more powerful and therefore can expand to hundred of input zones, auxiliary outputs and access doors. The outputs can be used to interface with Lift Controller for Lift Access Control. These features allow control access of personnel to their respective floor in commercial building, apartment or condominium. Therefore security is enhanced.

Other functions may include control of various building services like lighting, air-condition and water-pump. For example, system can turn off lighting or air-condition when there is no movement of personnel or when the alarm for the particular area is armed. This provide considerable energy and cost saving.



Monitor and control your installation via  graphical floor plans and site maps. Special icons can be placed on each schematic map which show, in real time, the status of field hardware such as inputs, outputs and areas. Maps can be imported from image files or scanned blueprints and augmented with drill-downs and interlinks between maps.

Our intuitive Shapes tool, lets you trace areas of any shape or location on the map and significant items such as doors

and detection devices can also graphically represented. Multiple intrusion points can be summarised with a single icon - if one point goes into alarm, clicking the icon expands

the display to show the source of the incursion. Our fully featured CCTV integration means cameras can beselected and controlled directly from the floor plan.


Inner Range Concept 4000 Integrated Security, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Building Automation System

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Insight includes fully featured alarm management for your

enterprise. View outstanding alarms at a glance in priority order, customise operator screens and acknowledgement procedures and enhance Concept 4000’s alarm engine with advanced custom alarms.

Custom alarm events, user selectable alarm levels, customisable alarm procedures and flexible alarm response options are all fully supported. Alarms can be reported to key personnel via any combination of email, SMS and pager

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Monitor thousands of detection points throughout a building. Security voilations will trigger sirens and strodes. Alarm are reported to monitoring centres, mobile phones,

and on the site PCs. All events are recorded for future review.

access control for offices



Concept 4000 is an expandable hardware system for unifies three full featured systems in one product: wonderfully powerful intruder alarm functionality, enterprise level access control and comprehensive building features.



Insight management software provides a powerfull, robust and user friendly management for Concept 4000 hardware installations including advanced reporting, CCTV integration and advanced alarm  management.


video surveillance



Access through thousands of doors, gates and turnstiles can be controlled and monitored. Full customization of




access permissions. Occupants only have access permitted areas - through doors you designated and time you specify.

card access


The ubuquitous interface to a Concept 4000 system.




Vandal resistance waterproof, security and access control for outdoor areas.




Unparalled ease of use for end users to interact with security, access and building automation features.



access control in offices


Use the same card or key fob issued to users for door access and security to control lift access. Users select a floor from the specific floor list that has been assigned to them

access control



Comprehensive CCTV and DVR integration including software multiplexing of multiple video-feeds, remote camera control, triggered camera switching and linkage of security

logs to recorded footage. Open multiple views with indepen-dent  timeline, execute preprogrammed camera macros and automatically keep DVR time sychronised with Insight.



Design and print ID cards customised for your enterprise.

Create multiple card pools with a variable number of cards

In each pool. Mark cards as lost or suspended, or create card pools based on existing programming.

card access


Generate a huge range of reports based on templates or your own designs. Create parallel real-time reports with or without complex filters for key personnel, monitoring centres or audit purposes.

security systems


Each Concept 4000 Control Module can be programmed with up to 250 individual partitions or areas. Each area can act as if it were a standalone security/access system, Access can be allocated to individual tenancies within the system.

video surveillance



Manage an almost unlimited number of locations across the world as individual entities or as one ‘virtual’ system. Local and centralised control. Changes are propagated across the entire system instantly.

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