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GE Simon 3 Wireless System

Also know as Burglar Alarm Systems, it is used to protect a premises or property from illegal intrusion or break-in. The basic function of an burglar system is to creates loud sound to scare off intruder and attract owner or neighbor attention. A basic system consists of input devices such as Magnetic Contact and Motion Detector, Control Panel, Siren with Strode Light and control Keypad. The control panel monitor the input devices and trigger the output devices when the former is triggered by an intrusion. However, most system are able to send alarm signals to a Central Monitoring Station (CSM) via telephone line and on its status. The signal shall be relay to the owner/person-in-charge or the Police who will take appropriate action like investigation of the premises to verify the break-in and reset the alarm.

Protecting a premise generally consist of securing its perimeter such as doors and windows, followed by back-up with interior motion detector. In some big premises, outdoor Infrared Red (IR) beams, Motion Detector or even Fence Intrusion Detection System (FIDS) could provide first line of defense. But this is seldom use in a safe place like Singapore, except for big high security public utility and military installation. For some premises with extensive glass window or panel, break-glass sound detector are used.


Input devices such Magnetic Door contacts, vibration contacts are simple and cheap device that are used to detect the opening of doors or windows. For interior protection, Passive Infrared Red motion detector is used. This electronic device detects intruder by the change in infrared energy level caused by an intruder movement within its detection range. Motion Detector were used to prompt false alarm. However Dual Technology Detector using Passive Infrared combined with Microwave now offer very stable low false alarm protection.


Control Panel come with different size/zones capacity to cater for premises of different sizes. Advances in electronic has enable many features to be incorporate into most control panels for flexible operation to suit many requirements. Because of the built-in communicator feature, the system also can use for fire, medical and facilities for water-leakage, temperature sensor, power failure to provide Environmental Monitoring System (EMS), reporting (SMS Alert) and control via Mobile Phone. It also has home lighting and appliance control function. So besides keeping out intruder, deluxe system also incorporate many such features for Home Automation.


Most system are hard-wired type due to it inherent reliability. However if wire cannot be used due to obstacles or for aesthetic reason, ie premises already fully & nicely renovated, which meant cannot conceal the wire and no surface wire is allowed, then  wireless system shall be used.



GE NX Control Panel

Perimeter Contacts & Sensors

Motion Detectors

intruder alarm
intrusion alarm
burglar alarm
burglar alarms


The GE NetworX series of Alarm & Communicator are full-featured security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environmental detection. The flexible security system that is both easy to install and simple to use.

With eight partitions and up to 48 zones, the NX Alarm Panel can handle big or small residential and commercial security needs.

In addition to standard system components, there are advanced features that your system may include.

Optional system features include lifestyle enhancement and life safety features like lighting control and carbon monoxide detection.



The GE NX Series Alarm Panel is available in 4, 6 or 8 zones and expandable to 48 zones.

. Modular design and support a hosts of expansion options like zone expansion, wireless expansion, output expansion.

. Support up to 8 partitions. 185 events log include date, time, event and partition number.

. Communicator reports up to 3 phone numbers.

. Supports SIA and contact ID communication formats

. 512-event history log that provides date, time, event

and user number.

. Off-site programming is also available with the DL-900

software for Windows.


24 wireless zones, 2 of which

can be hardwired

Supports all ITI Crystal and

SAW Learn Mode™ Sensors

Supports 2-way RF Talking

Touchpad, Simon Handheld RF

Touchpad and Keychain Touchpad


Consumer Features

Voice zone descriptors

Voice guided operation

Three programmable

emergency buttons

Six user access codes –

programmable length

Latchkey message notification

via pager or telephone


Chime feature for monitoring

door and window activity

No-activity reporting

X10 control via panel buttons,

schedule, sensor tripping,

entry and exit

Remote telephone control

Supports open/close reports

by exception and to a pager

Built-in 2-way voice with

VOX control

Voice event notification

telephone messaging

Arming/alert status LED

Supports multiple languages

Siren with Strode Light

Intrusion Alarm System

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burglar alarm
burglar alarms
intrusion alarm
security systems | infrared beam

. For wooden and aluminum door.

. Low profile contact

. Come with both 3M brand sticky tape and panel pins screws.

. Closed circuit operation

. Rodium Reed, UL

. Alnico 5 magnet


. Wide gap operation

. Closed circuit operation

. Rodium Reed Switches UL

. Alinco 5 magnet


. For metal doors

 . Rugged zinc alloy body

 . Wide gap operation

 . Closed circuit operation

 . Alnico 5 magnet

 . Rodium Reed switch , U|L


. Complete with armour flexible cable

. Closed circuit operation

. Zinc die-cast body


. Twin beams eliminate false alarms from pets and failing leaves.

. Super Signal Strength permits reliable operation in difficult environment (fog, rain etc)

. Internal Micro-Computer compensates for electrical noise and false light interference.

. Proprietary Optical Module adjusts 180 degrees horizontally and 10 degrees vertically.

. Correct optical alignment is easily accomplished by viewing the speed of the Winking Eye.

. Variable Interruption Control adjusts to a wide variety of environment conditions.


Aritect DD100

. High performance PIR verified by a high quality microwave module

. 10 m coverage - 5 curtains

. Plug-in electronics simplifies installation

. Precision sealed “Gliding Focus Curtain”mirrors

. Unique Twin Opposed Antennae

. Custom dual technology ASIC

. PIR :Uses the latest generation 4D signal processing

. Microwave :Advanced proprietary “DoM”signal processing

. Extremely low current draw

. Extremely low microwave power


GE 669 Dual Optic PIR

. Dual Optic Technology™

. Two 180° mirrors, two pyros and two ASICs for superior detection and enhanced false alarm immunity

. AP Series — Adaptive Passive Infrared Technology

. 60ft diameter 360° coverage

. 18 full curtains provide superior detection at all mounting heights (8–16ft)

. Head and base style unit adjusts 15° in either direction for easier aiming

. 180° shunt provides flexibility to use only one half of the unit‘s field of view when necessary



Visonic CH100

Solid curtain coverage 13.5m long x 6m high

. Vertical, horizontal & pet-alley curtains

. Calibrated pattern adjustment scale.

. Selectable pulse count

. Wall or ceiling mount

.  Attractive design






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Central Monitoring Service

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Virtual CMS/SMS Alert

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Indoor Siren with Strode

Magnetic Contact

Flush Mount

Surface Mount

Roller Shutter

Heavy Duty

Breakglass Sound Detector discriminator

Outdoor Infrard Beam Detector

Dual Tech Motion Detector

Ceiling Mount Motion Detector

Curtain Pattern PIR Detector

Output Devices


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Outdoor Motion Detector

Sentrol ShatterPro II

The premier 5812A Series

ShatterPro II offers extended

glassbreak detection with a 25'

radius from sensor to glass. This

surface-mount unit detects in a

full 360° coverage pattern, and

includes an automatic test feature

and end-user verification.

intruder alarm


. Highly effective movement detector incoporating advanced signal processing and unique opitcal systems to mimise false alarm.

. 8418 Compliant external  motion detector with pan and tilt dual IR scanner with 2 relay outputs - available in  ranges of 10, 20 and 30 metres.

IP 55 robust zine alloy metal case.